Milwaukee’s Off-Beat Sites to See

Bastille Days Festival

Milwaukee, Wisconsin can be a severely underrated city to live in. It is full of culture, adventures, and can be a wonderful place to raise a family. A lot of the great things about Milwaukee are known, especially the quality of life for its residents and the low cost of living, but what about some of the fun things to see and do off of the beaten path?

Were you a fan of the show Happy Days? If you were, then you cannot spend time in Milwaukee without visiting the Fonz Statue. Yes, you read that right. Right in the heart of Milwaukee, on the Milwaukee River walk, you can visit the bronze Fonz statue. He has been standing proud right in the city where Happy Days was based since 2007. A local group of fans decided Milwaukee was lacking this important bronze piece of art, and raised $85,000 to have it erected.

Folk artist Mary Nohl once called a beautiful lakefront house in Milwaukee her home. Today, it is known as “The Witch’s House,” because of rumors that she remained single because she killed her family and entombed them into the giant concrete statues that stand guard outside of her home. There are more than 60 statues that can be seen scattered around the home.

Do you like Jelly beans? If you do, you might want to check out the Jelly Belly Visitor Center, where you can gawk at a jelly beans Elvis, giant jelly beans, and even a flying Mr. Jelly Belly. Take a tour of the Jelly Belly warehouse on the Jelly Belly Express Train and if you aren’t having a sugar rush yet, taste test some jelly bean favorites.

Miller Park has more than just baseball, but it is also the home of the mascot sausage race. Before the seventh inning, the mascots; Brett Wurst, Stosh, Guido, Frankie Furter, and Cinco, race across the field. Where else can you watch 6 foot tall mascots run around?

Milwaukee is home to famed motorcycle brand Harley-Davidson, and while here you can enter the Harley-Davidson Museum Engine Room and feast your eyes of an entire wall displaying the evolution of the Harley engine.

If you can’t take a trip to Paris, France, then the Bastille Days festival is a close second. The largest Franch themed festival in the United States is held in downtown Milwaukee and features a 43 foot tall Eiffel Tower. Bonjour!