Potted Plants for the Backyard – Chose the Right Plants For Your Chicago Commercial Landscaping Project

One thing is for certain: There are a lot of great things to do in Chicago, and a commercial landscape design firm can help make your dreams come true. Whether you have a small or large commercial property in Chicago, you will want to consider hiring a landscape designer to make the area more attractive. A professional landscape designer can provide: Residential landscaping, landscape architecture and designing outdoor structures, Chicago architectural landscape design, Chicago landscape architecture, Chicago flower selection, Chicago interior landscape design, Chicago flower installation, Chicago flower arrangement, Chicago gardens, landscape maintenance, and more. Here are some tips to help you find the right landscape designer for your needs.

* Residential Landscaping Not everyone enjoys the idea of having a big yard and it certainly doesn’t appeal to most people. However, if you do enjoy growing your own flowers, shrubs, trees and flowers; and you have a beautiful view, you should consider landscaping your property. There are many different types of gardens you can place on your property such as flower gardens, lawn, rock gardens, flowerbeds, and much more. Many times, residential Chicago garden designs include brick patio gardening, woodsy flowerbeds, herb and spice gardens, flowerpot gardening, and much more!

* Landscape Architecture and Design Not everyone is aware that the architect that designed the gardens or the landscape you are seeing actually went to school for years and learn how to create beautiful works of art! Chicago commercial landscape architects and designers have the training and expertise to not only create beautiful gardens and structures, but they also have the knowledge and skill to create artistic expressions with their gardens and structures. The Chicago architectural landscape design industry is the third largest in the country according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Many of these landscape architects have studied for years and have honed their skills to become leaders in their field. If you are considering having an outside structure or building built or remodeled in Chicago, you should contact a Chicago landscaper to discuss options and possibilities for your new project.

* Flowerbed Gardening and Planters A beautiful flowerbed will instantly add character to any yard. However, flowerbeds and potted plants take time and effort to maintain. Many homeowners do not have the time or patience to upkeep their flowerbeds and are looking for ways to beautify their yards without taking hours of their precious time away from work or errands. Landscaping your flowerbeds is a simple and inexpensive way to add instant curb appeal to your yard and a great conversation starter.

* Landscaping Your Patio and Backyard Whether you have a large patio or just a small deck, you can enhance your space by landscaping around your patio area. Depending on the style of your home, your landscaping can range from formal to informal. The best part about patios and backyards is that they are readily available for any occasion! You can plant flowers, shrubs, trees, and even entertain family and friends during your evenings and weekends.

* Fountains, Waterfalls, Gazebos, Swimming Poolside – Everyone has seen a water fountain at a park or in a mall or at the beach. They are a timeless piece of decor and instantly make your garden ooze elegance. Some of the more elaborate water features can be quite expensive but are certainly worth the expense if you want to be sure you won’t run into that dreaded “plumber” bill the next month! A nice water feature is a nice and easy way to add a touch of color and natural beauty to your garden. Choose from hanging or standing fountains, small ponds, or even a solar powered, underwater fountain.

* Plant Pansies – Anyone who has ever gardened in the suburbs knows that plant pansies are one of the most popular landscaping additions. Chicagoland is lucky to have so many quality plant choices, with such an amazing variety of shapes, colors, textures, and heights. Some pages can be placed right in your flowerbeds, some in planters, and others in pots or containers on your patio. If you have a separate entrance to your patio, it is a great idea to plant a few pansies there to give your guests the scent of flowers without actually having them step off your walkway into your home. Pansies are especially welcome in an area with a cool climate because they require very little maintenance and do not like the heat.

When it comes to choosing plants for your Chicago backyard, take advantage of all that the city has to offer. Whether you have a horticultural experience, love to cook, or simply want to indulge your sense of creativity, it is easy to fall in love with all the possibilities that await you outside the gates of the local hospital, train station, apartment building, or public park. If you’re new to gardening, a professional can help you create a unique landscape using various plants and trees that are suited for your Chicago spot. But whether you prefer a lush green oasis or a practical landscape full of color, earthiness, and functionality, there are dozens of plants and flowers that can blend in perfectly with your Chicago style!