Cedar Rapids – A Great Place to Look

Cedar Rapids IA is a beautiful city in eastern Iowa, the site of the first planned national park. The Cedar Rapids Museum features many pieces by noted Iowan painter Grant Wood. The National Czech and Slovakia Museum and Library have numerous exhibits on the early history and cultures of nineteenth-century immigrant families from Czech and Slovakia. Just a short distance to downtown is Bever Park with an ice skating rink, pool and farm animals. The National Czech and Slovakia Museum and Library feature a fine collection of antiques and early American art.

Cedar Rapids IA

The Cedar Rapids Museum has two floors devoted to western art. In the Science and Nature Museum, you will find a natural history museum with dinosaur bones and other geological formations. Naturalists and scientists can enjoy a fine collection of plants, gems and fossils. Insects are also available for purchase. Tourists can learn about the history of mining and agriculture in this area.

For entertainment, there are a large indoor mall and several restaurants. The Cedar Rapids Zoo has an infant animal exhibit, an interactive penguin center and a lion enclosure. There are nine theaters in all in the Cedar Rapids area. Individual stores include Big Bear Entertainment, LLC, Cedar Rapids Shoes, Inc., and Blue Moon Diner.

The main industry area is Cedar Rapids itself. There are three major industries here: tourism, pharmaceuticals, and food service. Cedar Rapids is the gateway to the Great Northern Plain, the home of the successful ethanol industry. There are many Native American Indian reservations in the area. A few miles to the north, you will discover the Cedar Creek Iron Works where an historic railroad iron bridge was built over the Cedar River.

If you love the outdoors, you will love North Cedar Rapids. You will see over three hundred species of birds within a one hundred mile radius. There are wild bison wandering in the meadows, and elk, deer, and moose in the forests.

You will want to visit the Cedar Rapids Historical Society Museum. It is in an old historic house built in 1907. This museum offers information about the early inhabitants, the mining and logging that took place in the area near Cedar Rapids, and the culture of the time. The historical society also has a fine library filled with publications about the area’s past.

The Cedar Rapids airport has a minor industry in aviation. Flight training and charter flights are a large part of this area near Cedar Rapids. The city of Cedar Rapids was named the fastest growing community in the state of Iowa during the year 2021. The area is extremely safe and has a low crime rate. There are over two hundred hospitals in the immediate area.

The cost of living is not bad at all. There is plenty of job growth and excellent income potential. Real estate values have continued to rise in Cedar Rapids. Water is continually flowing in the area. There are many parks in the area. The roads are relatively easy to drive on.

The major industry in the area is agriculture. The area has one of the largest grain elevators in the world. The wheat, corn, and cotton industries produce the bulk of the region’s food. Livestock is raised on a large scale in the north east corner of the area near Cedar Rapids. The area produces horses for use in the equestrian industry.

Oil Refineries are also located in the area near Cedar Rapids. There are a few natural gas facilities as well. People who own homes in the areas can be rest assured that there will always be jobs available. In the north west of the area near Cedar Rapids, there is a grain elevator that continues to operate. This facility extracts wheat from the topsoil and wheat is used to make flour.

Tourism is a major source of revenue for Cedar Rapids. Over seven hundred thousand people each year flock to the area to enjoy all that Cedar Rapids has to offer. The winter months are popular with visitors coming from Minnesota. The summer season brings a lot of tourists as well. Cedar Rapids has ten colleges and universities that attract people looking to earn a degree.

Real estate is becoming increasingly popular with the area being considered to have one of the best rates in the country. There are many builders that build custom homes as well as modular homes. There are also a variety of builders that specialize in remodeling. They work with clients to create a comfortable home that meets their specifications. Choosing the right builders allows for a fun experience that makes real estate ownership a valuable investment.