Milwaukee’s Best Eateries

Milwaukee is very well- known for its unique and delicious food and beer scene. It would be incredibly hard to find a place to eat that isn’t delicious, or a brewery that doesn’t have a tasty beer. Here is a list of some of the best places to call your favorite in Milwaukee.

Love Handle is a quaint counter-service restaurant that gives the term “sandwich shop” a whole new meaning. The menu goes through rotations of some of the most delicious and unique sandwich combinations you could ever imagine. One sandwich features truffle bologna and pickled radishes. See, told you it was unique. If you want some sweets after your sandwich (if you still have room), then look no further than their selection of seasonal favorites.

the nobleIf you’re into a casual and laid back vibe, then look no further than The Noble. The Noble gives you the feeling that you’re gabbing over dinner at your best friend’s apartment. The menu changes daily, but always features a vegetarian option, as well as unique spins on classic dishes.

If you want to stop for a quick bite, then a fancier than most butcher shop might be in order. Bavette-La Boucherie features smaller dishes and sandwiches with fresh foods. Enjoy a selection of craft beers or wines while you dine.

If you are feeling adventurous and are looking for exotic foods and dessert specialties, then Coquette Café might be for you. Their menu borrows from the best flavors around the world, and they encourage you to order your dessert first.

Take a step back in time into this Serbian inspired tavern that is warm and welcoming. Three Brothers offers friendly faces and food you couldn’t otherwise find.

If you prefer an Asian medley, then look no further than Mr. Wok. Never judge a book by its cover, because then you might walk right by this hidden storefront restaurant, nestled between retail spaces. This restaurant features Malaysian dishes, as well as Thai and Chinese. You will usually be greeted by the owner himself, and at these prices, you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

Don’t take the Pine Lake House at face value, because the dishes are both simple and complex. The vegetables often come from the chef’s own garden, and the downstairs offers a neighborhood hangout.

Kopp’sIf you’re looking for burgers and ice cream, then you have to visit Kopp’s. They boast the best patties in the area, and you can hang with friends and enjoy unique flavors of frozen custard.